Washington State Labor and Industries Hearing Loss Claims

 If you have a work related hearing loss from exposure to a noisy work environment in the state of Washington you may be eligible to file a hearing loss claim. If your claim is accepted and approved, your hearing aids, service for cleanings, adjustments, and repairs are provided at no charge to you. Call us if you have questions or need help getting started with filing a claim. If you already have an existing claim we can assist you with your hearing aid service and needs. Give us a call!


Consider this September 2016 article in USA Today,


“In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, [hearing loss] is the most common work-related injury with approximately 22 million workers exposed annually to hazardous levels of occupational noise. Workers in the mining sector, followed by those in construction and manufacturing, are most likely to suffer from hearing impairment. An estimated $242 million is spent on worker’s compensation annually for hearing loss disability, according to the Department of Labor.”


Remember, noise-induced hearing loss is preventable if you wear hearing protection.