13. April 2018
By Mary Leisses. Advanced technology makes hearing aids more user-friendly than ever before!
04. April 2018
By Mary Leisses. As a hearing healthcare provider, I regularly get asked about a cure for tinnitus. Trust me, if there was one, I would be using it! I have had tinnitus for more than seven years. It makes it hard to sleep, to concentrate, to read a book. Basically, anything that is normally done in quiet became a struggle for me
23. March 2018
We get yearly physicals to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and evaluate risks for cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We should approach our hearing the same way.
21. March 2018
Noise protection without the sound distortion!
14. March 2018
Hearing is a partnership between your ears and your brain. Hearing aids can help!
06. March 2018
There’s no question that untreated hearing loss affects relationships. That’s because communication is at the root of all great relationships.
26. January 2015
Today, dementia afflicts one in 10 Americans over 70 years in age, and that number is projected to substantially increase over the next few decades. According to a FoxNews.com article, Could Hearing Aids Delay Dementia?, a recent series of studies conducted at John Hopkins Medicine have revealed that treating hearing loss may provide some benefit in slowing the dementia process, especially in individuals over 60 and older with signs of moderate hearing losses or worse. While the study does not...
19. January 2015
Many adults have not had a hearing test since grade school and may not even remember the experience. Today’s hearing examinations are thorough and thoughtful, designed to identify and diagnose even mild hearing loss. After gathering a health history, the hearing specialist will conduct an ear exam with an otoscope to check for obstructions, infections or other medical conditions that might affect hearing. If there is no medical reason for hearing loss, the hearing specialist will perform a...
12. January 2015
For many, there are no sounds of silence. Instead, even the quietest of moments, such as sleep, can be filled with buzzing, humming or ringing sounds. This unfortunate condition is called tinnitus and, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, it has affected nearly 25 million Americans to date. Presently, no treatments are available to cure this condition. Tinnitus is primarily caused by prolonged exposure to loud noises but also can stem from aging,...
05. January 2015
Buying a hearing aid is an important decision on many levels as it is an investment in both money and time. However, the benefits one can gain from improved hearing will outweigh those investments on a daily basis. Therefore it is important to take the right approach in shopping for a hearing aid to ensure you or a loved one get the optimal solution for improving hearing capabilities. At Advanced Digital Hearing weoffer this top 10 list of tips for anyone planning to buy new hearing aids, as...