Music Gets Personal With Tunz

When it comes to your music, one size does NOT fit all.

Audio & fitness Enthusiast

Ideal for today’s audio players, gaming devices, computers and more, TUNZ CUSTOM AUDIO MONITORS provide unmatched sound quality whether you’re attacking that 5K, or just hitting the trail. Custom-fit to you and your ears, TUNZ CUSTOM AUDIO MONITORS block out unwanted noise while delivering the ultimate in comfort and crystal-clear sound clarity.

Custom Musicians In-Ear Monitors

You’re an artist and your art deserves the best tools.

TUNZ CUSTOM STAGE MONITORS give you balanced sound and pure, rich tones for total control of your stage mix. Custom made and fit to your ears, they offer superior sound
isolation eliminating the need for traditional stage wedge monitors.

Occupational Communications

Custom earmolds and in-ear monitors to provide the clearest communication for a number of professional uses — including newscasters, pilots, doctors, race car drivers and more.

Tunz Brochure
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